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About Our Brand

Shani Cohen


Hello and welcome! I’m Shani, founder of Clear Label Skincare.

My personal and professional experiences have aligned to create Clear Label. As a person who has struggled with multiple skin conditions, I have spent years trying to treat my skin without using harsh chemicals and doctor-prescribed pharmaceuticals. So much so, that I became a licensed esthetician.

Now, I have dedicated my career to researching clean and natural products that would contribute to healthier and smoother skin. My years of research ultimately led me to CB. There is nothing on earth, that we have yet discovered that works as well as CB for repairing skin. Clear Label works diligently to offer the purest form of CB and the cleanest ingredients for greater benefits. Clear Label is the culmination of my life's work so far, incorporating my products into my own skincare routine changed my life. My skin is the clearest it has ever been and I know my products will do the same for yours.



Our Mission is to provide optimal results with our Clear Label of Natural, Clean, and Effective ingredients for people with all skin types and conditions. As Estheticians, we wanted to stop putting chemicals on our patient's skin and so we endeavored in a new mindset. Pure. Clean. Sustainable.